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            “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.” – Brad Paisley

An American sunrise starts the day. -- Photo by Pat Bean

An American sunrise starts the day. — Photo by Pat Bean

Perhaps my next 364 Days will be Better   

I started the New Year off being sick. That statement is followed by the 4-letter S word that I tend to shout out when the computer crashes or Pepper eats my favorite slipper. I have a slight fever and a throat that feels like Darth Vader is sucking it dry.

Dookie, Dookie, Dookie!

Who out there has seen the movie “Sordid Lives?”  A very funny movie but it can also be offensive to some people. I don’t offend easily so I loved it. I wonder if I can find it on Netflix. I need to get my mind off my body.

OK. My brain is not working either. I can’t write two connected sentences. So it’s time to sign off and hit the bed again. Oh but I have to walk Pepper first. S!

 Bean’s Pat: Alex Autin http://tinyurl.com/bk24vkb Fantastic, “out-of-this-world” blog by one of my favorite bloggers. She helped me forget for a while that I was sick.


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